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11 Jul 2014

Akamba aid fund

Those of you of a certain age will remember the Monty Python sketch that started with 4 well heeled Yorkshire men reminiscing about how poor they were as children. The conversation denigrated into each one trying to out “poor” the other. “You were lucky living in a cardboard box, we lived in a paper bag etc”. In the Akamba region of Kenya, poverty is the norm and maybe a cardboard box is a luxury.

These amazing people put up with conditions that make what we deem as poverty seem an extravagance. Nothing in this region is a “Right” least of all eye care, which is why the work of the Akamba Aid Charity is so important.

For some years this amazing charity have been travelling to Akamba to provide basic eye care and restore vision to the people of one of the least known areas of Kenya and their ambition now is to build a proper structure to house the eye clinic. This is all being done by voluntary contribution and, as a company; we have adopted this as “our charity”.

So if you can, please support Simon’s fund raising event "The Eye Bash" (see poster below). I hope to be talking about other ways we can help realise the Akamba Aid Fund’s ambition in the near future. If you want to read the Python sketch in full go to http://www.davidpbrown.co.uk/jokes/monty-python-four-yorkshiremen.html

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