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25 May 2016

Ethos Of A Company

What makes Frith’s opticians different.

Although to the uninitiated eye Robert Frith Optometrists looks like a small retail optical chain nothing could be further from the truth! When Robert Frith took over the business from his uncle they had just one practice in Twickenham. Robert wanted to live in the beautiful southwest, and who can blame him, and so he opened a second practice in Shaftesbury followed by a third in Gillingham.

It soon became clear to him that to get opticians that had the same drive, the same passion for service and patient care, as he did, going down the employee route was not the best option. From that, the current ethos was born. 

The Twickenham Practice

Each practice is a completely separate company. Most are co-owned 50:50 by the optician who is a partner manager and Robert Frith. Some are wholly owned by the managing optician but are members of the “group” to have the expertise and services of Robert Frith Services a company that carries out all the less patient facing jobs such as HR, payroll, tax, marketing etc.

In this way we are able to give young opticians, both optometrist and dispensing optician, the opportunity of owning their own business withou

t the worry and full investment that starting out on their own would normally entail. Add to that the fact they the experience and expertise of the service company is there for them, and the combined experience of all the partners and it is easy to see this is a winning formula.

From a patient point of view they get a business that is run for the local community by a member of the same community bringing the commitment that being part of the community engenders. Having a level of investment and owning the business ensures that there is also a commitment for success through being the best that it is possible to be and then striving to be even better. We thrive on building long term relationships with our patients many of whom we feel privileged to think of as friends. Whilst the success of the practices is testament to this we are never complacent and realize patients have a choice of where to go.

So whether you are a spectacle wearer, or an optician that feels they have what it takes to join us, why not give us a try.

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