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15 Jun 2016

Scary Driving

Recently published in optical journal Optometry Today an article on UK driving habits was, I found, very disturbing. The article drew on research from Direct Line Insurance and released the following statistics;

37% of motorists who require spectacles or contact lenses never bother to wear them whilst driving. That is equivalent to over 13million motorists driving with sub standard vision – Scary.

The 2000 participant survey showed that those driving without their corrections were 4 times more likely to have an accident and that 67% had had an accident within the last 2 years.

10% admitted to driving their children to school without their glasses.

What really scares me is that my children, my grandchildren, are at risk of injury or even death because someone can’t be bothered to wear their spectacles or have a regular eye examination!

Driving with poor eyesight is illegal, as morally unacceptable as drink driving and invalidates motor insurance. It can lead to a heavy fine and, in some cases, imprisonment. Even worse the devastation and heart break of someone losing a loved one.

Don’t take a risk, make sure you have a regular eye examination, always wear your spectacles or contacts when driving and keep a spare pair in the glove box. After all, you wouldn’t fly with a pilot who couldn’t see properly!

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