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07 Oct 2016

Taking Life For Granted

It is so easy, isn't it, to be discontented with our lot! Ever increasing bills to pay, will the car pass it's MOT, are the kids behaving at school, can I eke the money out to next month and so it goes on.

How about sparing a thought for those who truly have next to nothing. Yeovil partner and optometrist Simon Fraciewicz did more than spare a thought when he was asked to visit the remote region of Akamba in Kenya to voluntarily some much needed eye care to that community.The local people are descended from hunter pastoralists, no longer nomadic, but totally reliant on their few goats, cattle, chicken and a little land to provide for their families. In this region there is virtually no employment and where nearly 60% of the population lives below recognised poverty levels of $1 a day. 

Simon's first visit saw him operating from, quite literally mud huts, and it wasn't long before he was invited to be a trustee of the Akamba Aid Fund (AAF) since when he has been an active supporter of the charity. Funds have been raised to contstruct a brick clinic with four consulting rooms, this is now nearing completion and plans are in place to recruit and train a full time ophthalmic nurse to support the work of the voluntary overseas clinicians. Find out more about AAF and our charitable involvement here.

So next time you feel the world is ganging up against you, spare a thought for the people of Akamba where, to them, our world is like the myth of Eldorado.

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