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Spectacle Care

Thank you buying your new eyewear from us – you have just taken delivery of a superb pair of spectacles made to the highest standards using the best lenses available. Modern lenses are truly a feat of scientific engineering so it is worthwhile making sure you are looking after them properly.

Always use the cleaning solution we recommend and a clean micro fibre cloth to clean your lenses (wash it regularly without fabric softner as this leaves a residue on the lens). The solution is specially formulated not to craze, erode or cause other damage to your lenses which some cleaning agents can. The micro fibre cloth is designed to shave the grease and dirt off the lens without scratching.

To make sure your spectacles provide you with years of comfortable wear, follow our simple guide to daily care:




Hair sprays and perfumes can leave residues on lenses so always keep your new spectacles well away when you are using them.

If your spectacles do get damaged never try and effect a repair yourself, always bring them into us for examination and repair, and finally why not drop in occasionally so we can ultrasonically clean your spectacles to keep them looking as good as new.

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