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Aging Sight (Presbyopia) As our bodies age we generally notice bits of us don’t bend as well, and muscles don’t work as ... read more ... Astigmatism This is a common condition which is caused by an irregularity in the shape of the eye surface (corn ... read more ... Blepharitis What is it? Blepharitis is a common inflammatory condition of the eyelids. Oils and other product ... read more ... Cataracts What is a cataract? It is where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, so it is difficult to see thr ... read more ... Childrens Eye Care Have them tested preschool Children absorb much of their knowledge through vision making it vita ... read more ... Communication and Information Requirements If you, or someone you care forhas specific information, or communication, support needs please cont ... read more ... Contact Lens Guide Contact lenses lead you into a world of freedom. Freedom to create a new look and not be defined ... read more ... Diabetic Retinopathy Diabetes and your eyes Diabetic retinopathy can affect anyone who has diabetes, whether they are ... read more ... Dry Eyes Dry eyes can affect anyone, but it becomes more common with increasing age. Dry eye affects about 7 ... read more ... Flashers & Floaters What are floaters? Often, people who have healthy eyes see floaters. They appear as spots, lines ... read more ... Glaucoma What is glaucoma? This is the name for a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve (at the ... read more ... Long Sight (Hypermetropia or Hyperopia) Hypermetropia means that distant objects may be clear. Objects near the eye are blurred. This occur ... read more ... Macula Degeneration What causes it? As you get older, the circulation in your eyes can become poor and lead to a buil ... read more ... Short Sight (Myopia) Myopia means that objects near the eye are clear but distant objects are blurred. This occurs becau ... read more ... Spectacle Care Thank you buying your new eyewear from us – you have just taken delivery of a superb pair of spec ... read more ... Sunglasses and Ultra Violet Light Introduction Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comprises invisible high-energy rays from the sun that li ... read more ...
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