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Great service with a personal touch.

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We have been going to Robert Frith in Blandford for about 6 years. We continue to go there because of the excellent service that we receive and because we have great faith in their abilities. We initially went there because of wanting more variety of frames for my daughter, who at the time was 8. After an appointment with the Optometrist we have stayed as customers as I feel you can trust them to look after your eyes to a high degree. This was really important to us as our daughter had been under the hospital for her eyesight and now she is with Robert Frith, who have continued with the high level of care. You are always made to feel welcome and nothing is ever an issue, many a time we have had to go in with one of our children for adjustments on their glasses. Each time the service has been excellent. I never worry about going in to the shop and asking for advice, they have given us sound advice on many occasions. If a frame or lenses is not appropriate they will explain why. You are never sold something that you don't require. For a personal touch one of the staff has made a mark with my daughter. On one occasion when we went to get new lenses and frames they had put by a new set of frames that they thought would suit our daughter. They were absolutely right and gained our trust and respect through this one action. To the Robert Frith team at Blandford, please don't change what you do, you have got it right, a great service that is reliable and friendly. 
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PD (Consultant Anesthetist)

Dear Jan Robert Frith Blandford Just a very brief note to say how pleased I am with my recently acquired Lindberg frames and Hoya Lifestyle lenses. After the initial teething problems with the alignment they have become essential to me at work. I now wear them all day without getting “fed up” with them. So much more comfortable than the Oakleys…..

From a Satisfied Blandford Patient - By Letter

3rd April 2013 Dear Peter Thank you so much for referring me to Jonathan Luck for cataract surgery/lens replacement operations. By now you will have received his letter saying how well they went. I have not had such excellent vision since I was a child. It is a tremendous freedom not to have to rely on contact lenses or glasses. I have dreaded getting older knowing my already impaired vision would get worse and my ability to wear contact lenses would also decrease. Little did I know that quite the opposite was about to happen. I appreciate your skill and competency to advise me in the right direction and to give me the confidence to go ahead with the operations. Many thanks again Sincerely yours, C Campbell

An Impressed Chard Patient

I much appreciated your friendly yet professional approach to the tests and consultancy you gave me yesterday.  Impressive! Thank you Simon. M.R. (Name and address supplied)

Thanks from a Blandford Patient

FAO management...

Dear sirs,
I wanted to write to note the great service received at your Blandford store just now.
Following an accident last night, I was worried that I may have damaged my eye. I called the store this morning and was offered an appointment as soon as possible which was fantastic.
On arrival I was given a really thorough examination by Maurice Staunton. He was extremely thorough, caring and competent.
He recommended I go to Bournemouth hospital as he said there was a small chance of damage which he was unable to determine. He took the time to write a letter for me to take with me to the hospital.
Please pass on my thanks to the team at the Blandford store. I will definitely be back.
Thomas Mortimer


“We have been going to Robert Frith's Opticians in Twickenham for almost 5 years now. I have two children who both had surgery for cataracts in their first few months of life with the eldest needing to wear glasses from around 5 weeks of age! It was a real challenge to keep glasses on a baby and also to constantly keep an eye on them and to make sure they were not thrown out of a pushchair (something that has happened quite a few times). Also for young children, glasses are always getting broken or need adjusting. We were initially directed to the hospital optician but we found the glasses totally unsatisfactory and unsuitable for active babies/children. This is when our visual impairment teacher recommended that we tried Robert Frith Opticians. The stress in keeping glasses on faces and in a good state of repair has diminished greatly since we found Robert Frith. When finding glasses for a baby, they were very helpful in advising on a good style which would be robust and comfortable. They would always order a range of frames in for us to choose from which was great. We have been frequent visitors over the last five years for minor repairs, adjustments and replacing lost glasses. We have never been made to feel a nuisance and staff have always been so friendly and also efficient in their service. We've never had to wait very long and all staff have been really great with our children - so much so that they love coming into the shop. One wonderful example was recently when my elder child's glasses broke  and within about 15 minutes we had a temporary replacement. This was such a relief as our son really struggles to be without them even for a few minutes. We were extremely grateful for this as he wouldn't have been able to function at school without them. I am so grateful for your help at the weekend when Matthew's frames broke - he was really struggling when I gave him an old pair of glasses to wear so thank you so much for your help.”

Specs in time for Christmas for Gillingham patient

Thank you for making the prescription for my glasses. I can see nice and clear and everything is so bright and sharp. Thank you Kelly for taking your time in fitting me for a frame that fits and suits me. I really like them. Many, many thanks to you both! My glasses are Amazing! Happy Christmas Kind regards Nina

Blandford goes the extra mile

Hi there, at 9 am this morning I spoke with Jan at your Blandford branch. I told her that my brother had, had a devastating house fire and has lost everything. He is currently in the burns unit at Salisbury hospital. I was wondering if his glasses might be quickly replaced. It happens that his lens have quite a complicated spec. However, this afternoon I have had a call from Jan to say that not only are his emergency glasses made but they are being couriered to Blandford for tomorrow morning. At this stage we are not sure if they will arrive tomorrow or Monday but I just wish to thank Jan and her whole team so much for their amazing kindness and skill in what they have achieved. Being able to see properly will make such a difference to my brother and I don't have enough words to thank them. Jenny Clemas

Emailed by a More than Happy Glastonbury Patient

Earlier today I received delivery of new spectacles.  Now THERE’S A DIFFERENCE!   Ever the sceptic  I just looked at box and wondered …..  but as soon as I put them on I knew they were for me.  Haven’t tried them to drive, but sat in car and surroundings —  number plates vastly different, the latter showing particular clarity.  No double vision anywhere!  Suitable, too, for computer use - Desk-top and Macbook.   Even brief look at tv is better - ie, print that previously easily readable is altogether sharper.  Of course I realise I shall have to become accustomed to use of spectacles again after so long without, particularly with “Reactions”  type after even longer without, but these are minor problems.  Meantime I cannot be more grateful for all the help, expertise and patient understanding I have received in general from staff at Robert Frith Optometrists in Glastonbury.  Their forbearance has been remarkable and far, far more than I would ever have expected.  In fact, truly, at one stage I felt I could not continue to be troublesome and was fully prepared to give up the struggle and just cut my losses.  So glad now that I didn’t.  I think that one outstanding and important-to-me part of all this is the fact that I WAS BELIEVED and just wasn’t making a lot of fuss about nothing. Name and address supplied    

The (Name available)Family

We have been visiting Robert Frith Opticians Blandford for a number of years, getting regular eye examinations for the whole family. My eldest son had an astigmatism, which was monitored. His eyesight then deteriorated rapidly over the Summer holidays in 2010, so we booked an appointment. The optometrist who examined him immediately referred him to David Goad, who tested Ed’s eyes on the topographer, which revealed that he had keratoconus. By sheer luck, we have been visiting an opticians who has a resident keratoconus specialist. Our care has been second to none – from the initial shock of the diagnosis to managing Ed’s condition on a month by month basis, David has been a constant source of comfort and has talked myself & Ed through the whole process in a way that has made us both understand the condition and feel completely confident in the care Ed is receiving. There is now a watch on our youngest daughter, who also has a stigmatism, and because of the family history, will be seen in 6 months time to check on any signs of deterioration, but in the meantime, Robert Frith has offered to check her on the topographer, which will hopefully rule out signs of keratoconus. I cannot praise Robert Frith highly enough – ALL the staff are exceedingly friendly and helpful, and it is a pleasure to visit.

Why The Forum School Uses Robert Frith Blandford

The Forum School is dedicated to helping autistic children fulfill there full potential. Carrying out eye care can be very traumatic for them and so extra understanding and patience is needed. We often have the students in prior to there eye examinations so they can get used to the consulting room, equipment and to meet the staff. We have even made a short video for the students to view before they come in. Helping the students, and the wonderful staff who care for them is important to us so we were particularly pleased to receive the following endorsement from the school. “The staff at Robert Frith are very patient and have a great understanding of autism. The practice is very efficient and very flexible (we don’t always know how a student is going to react) yet never keep our students waiting (the students can’t cope with that). They are always helpful, especially when we have problems and always respectful. Many thanks from all at the Forum School”


“I think the service at Twickenham is excellent with friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff. My family of five all enjoy the visits to this store. The range of frames seems extensive and we have all found frames to suit our different ages and styles. Good staff makes for a good business and your Twickenham branch clearly understand this. We can always rely on friendly helpful advice and service which makes it so much easier when we need to make important choices for our children and ourselves.”  

A Happy Blandford Patient

Hi Jan, I wanted to drop you note to say how pleased both Liz and I are with the new specs you supplied. As you know, I was previously a customer of a high street chain who were OK, but I didn't get on at all with the "vocational" lenses they provided at my last visit. I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention shown by Claire during my thorough eye examination, and very reassured by the additional retinal scan you offered. I have found it much easier to adjust to the lenses you provided, which are excellent, and I'm now very happy with my "office" glasses which allow me to see my PC screen, as well as see colleagues or clients across the desk without peering over the top of the frames!  Thanks again for a great service Nigel Jordan

J N (Local Business Woman)

Dear Jan I just wanted to say why I’ll always get my Glasses from Robert Frith in Blandford. I would not dream of going anywhere else for my glasses. All the staff are very helpful, friendly and patient. It always takes me ages to choose my frames and I’m never pushed to make my mind up quickly. I have recommended several members of my family and friends and they have all been very satisfied. To sum up the way I feel about Robert Frith's in Blandford is….I would never go anywhere else for my glasses not even if it was buy one and get TWO free.

A Helping Hand In Chard

Dear Simon and Sandra We would like to thank you both very much for your patience with my Dad whilst testing and choosing his glasses. He is very pleased with them and he can see much better now. All the best, Wilson and Denise Xxxxx

MN (Dental Nurse)

Robert Frith Blandford have been caring for my eyes for many years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff are friendly and helpful. They seem to be very knowledgeable and up to date which I appreciate as I have a difficult prescription and don’t want it to infer in my life. From the thinnest lens for my glasses to the best contact lens for me, they can recommend something and won’t give up when my eyes won’t play fair! I also like the pay monthly scheme so I don’t have to worry about the cost as its spread out over the year.


“I have been using Robert Frith Opticians at Twickenham for 18 months both for myself and my childrens' glasses. Having two now 3 1/2 year olds who have needed glasses since the age of 2, I am a very high maintenance customer! We are in regularly not just for new frames, prescriptions and lenses but for constant adjustments and reshaping of the frames! All members of the Twickenham team have been very polite, good humoured, friendly, and above all professional throughout. We have always been made to feel welcome and valued as customers and this personal service has been and will continue to be appreciated by my family. I would honestly recommend them to anyone. “

Blandford patient has his say

I have just got a new pair due to a replaced cornea. 
I have always been happy using Frith for what must be ten years now. 
Yet your staff at Blandford keeps getting better. 
I find it a pleasure to go there. 
I only wish I felt the same about the dentist. 
Keep up the good work. 
Robert. (Full name and address supplied)

Well done Twickenham and especially Ridhi

Excellent service as usual. I have been a customer at Robert Frith for over twenty years and the I have always been very impressed with the care and professionalism of the optometrists I have seen. This is particularly true of Ms Dhaliwal who is always both extremely thorough, caring and supportive. Thanks very much! PT (name and address supplied)

Why regular Eye Examinations are important

“Dear Christopher and David, My husband Nigel visited you on the 7th of August after being sent from Vine surgery in street and persuaded by David that he may be having 'floaters' in the left eye that would require an ACES. Once at the practise David took his time to calm my husband and spoke in detail about some of the signs and symptoms and passed him on to Christopher. Christopher examined and deemed the eyes as being healthy but he was concern of the floaters and thus referred him accordingly. As a result of the referral, the hospital performed several scans and found that his neck artery was severely constricted and currently awaiting to have a Carotid Endotectomy. There was indeed a plague floating across his eyes with the blood only able to travel through the constricted artery at 10% of it's capacity.  We would like to thank you for the concern and interest in Nigel. You were stage 1 at saving his life. Best wishes  H  Preece.”

A Happy Yeovil Patient

Dear Sirs, I wanted to commend the service level I have been receiving over the past couple of weeks.  I have been very particular about what I wanted my new spectacles to achieve and have paid a number of visits for my examination and to select and fit a frame. At every stage right through to process,  including the Reception staff, I have been extremely well supported. Everyone has been skilled, professional and empathetic. In particular I would like to mention the way a dispensing staff member decided she wanted a second opinion and how supportively that opinion was given – being prepared to ask and being able and willing to help in such an inclusive way are vital skills in a consumer focused business. It is clear that everyone works as a team and this deserves considerable praise. I am looking forward to the final stage in the process – the final fitting. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to everyone concerned. Yours faithfully N G (name and address supplied)

"Brilliant Team at Twickenham" Margaret C

I just want to tell you what a brilliant team you have at Twickenham.  We used to be customers at Twickenham  but moved to Christchurch just over two years ago. We didn't  think it was worth a 170+ mile journey to have our eyes seen to.
My husband needed some varifocal  sunglasses.  We were in Twickenham on Saturday 6th August  and he popped in, without an appointment. Sundeep sorted him out with a pair of Ray Bans. He could not have Maui Jims  as his prescription is 3.75. We had a phone call and text the following Wednesday to say they were in. I had to phone and check as it was so quick. Wendy posted the glasses out to us and they were here on Friday 11th.  What fantastic service. We had been to Vision  Express but it took 6 weeks for them to arrive and he could not see through them. We had to get our money back.
We will be returning as customers again even if we do have to do the miles.  Your team are well worth coming up for.
Thanks once again.
Margaret  C (Name and Address supplied

Glastonbury are certainly doing something right

Hi team, 
I would like this opportunity to congratulate your company on a excellent first class service. My glasses are top notch. 
Charlotte Messer in Glastonbury is an absolutely wonderful lady, she has a lovely manner, an eye for detail, very professional, very beautiful and a fantastic listener. 
Well done folks. 

Gary Woollard (Glastonbury)


“I have been a client of Robert Frith Opticians for over 20 years and the service that I have been given has always been first class.  I moved from Kensington to live in Twickenham over twenty five years ago and up until that time my eyesight had been under the care of a reputable practice in Central London.  From the moment I moved to Robert Frith I was impressed by the service that they provided.  The quality and calibre of all the staff has been continuously high.  I have always been made to feel welcome and the same attitude and service has been extended to my husband and two sons.
My eldest son, who is 18 years old, has a learning difficulty.  I approached the staff at Robert Frith when he was around 4 years old to ask whether they would consider taking on his care rather than having to travel to see the Central London based Consultant.  They accepted without question and worked alongside the Consultant until he was discharged from their service some years later.  Robert Frith’s have always worked hard to find ways in which they can access my son so that they are able to make the best possible assessment of his vision.  They have always gone out of their way to include him in any consultation and now consult him without my intervention to choose appropriate spectacles. Their advice and support has enabled me to wear contact lenses and also to enter the “varifocal arena”.  I was very anxious about both these methods but with their patience and advice I am now a confident wearer of both (not at the same time of course)!  I have never been made to feel a nuisance and have always been encouraged to return if I have any problems at any time with my spectacles or lenses. They play a big role in our local community with many families using their services.  More often than not one will bump into someone one knows in the Twickenham shop where the staff foster a relaxed but professional environment.  What is noticeable (and considering how many clients they must have) is that the staff know many of the customers by name, without being prompted. The Twickenham shop over recent years has gone from strength to strength, offering the latest testing procedures, good quality up to date lenses and frames and high quality service and advice, all delivered without compromising professionalism and friendliness.  They have managed to keep up with the times but have retained good old fashioned values of service. “

''Best customer service'' in Yeovil practice

Just a quick note to say that Caroline in the Yeovil branch was exceptional with me today and I received the best customer service I have had in a long, long time.
Nothing was too much hassle and she was very honest and helpful from start to finish. If everyone could be a little more like Caroline then buying glasses would become much less of a chore.
Please pass on my sincere thanks, I will be recommending Robert Friths to family and friends due to my experience in the shop today. 
Many thanks, H.B (Full name & address supplied)

W & M F

My wife and I are both in our 80’s and have attended Frith’s Opticians for over 60 years. Obviously we make regular visits and since Kash Fatania has joined the practice we have always found him and the rest of the team to be very cheerful, polite and friendly. They all speak nicely and clearly and always communicate with you as a person and not just as a patient. All the staff always make sure they explain everything in a way we (as oldies) understand. The whole team at Twickenham are only happy when their patient is happy and we never feel rushed. We always look forward to seeing Kash’s smiling face on our visits.


“I wanted to send you all this e mail after another visit to your practice last week. This time it was with my Mum to have her annual eye test which was carried out with what seems like effortless professionalism and a warm and friendly manner. But it is your never ending time, care, patience, and good humour towards my son Jack who has needed glasses since the age of 3 (now 11) that blows me away. Countless times we have popped in to have adjustments to floppy arms or lenses that mysteriously become scratched. Not once have we ever felt a nuisance, quite the opposite, always a warm welcome and the service second to none. It is the unique way your company operates that keeps 3 generations of my family, my Mum, my husband and I plus both my children loyal to your company. But I believe when you get a great service tell people about it. So I did and now my mother in law, my brother and my best friend are all loyal customers too. A heart felt Thank You to you all, finding a company within the service industry that I totally trust is priceless”


“The optometrists at Robert Frith, Twickenham, have always provided exemplary service during the many years I have required testing and fitting for spectacles. I have a very complex prescription for severe astigmatism and myopia which demands a high degree of accuracy and care to ensure I can see clearly both for distance and close work. Despite moving to Derbyshire a few years ago I still regularly make the journey to Twickenham as I have been unable to find an optician of their calibre locally to match their professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend them.”

From a Satisfied Glastonbury Patient

Sent: 13 May 2013 23:23
To: glastonbury@frithsopticians.co.uk
Subject: Eye examination.   Thank you all at Robert Frith’s in Glastonbury, as a result of which excellent treatment I am Taunton bound tomorrow where cataract surgery will take place. You may recall the appointment made for me on 27 March by your Street office when their optician was on holiday.   I don’t know if you are informed subsequently of the outcome of your examinations so perhaps you would like to know that after referral I was examined by Mr Keith Bates at Nuffield who confirmed the narrowing of eye ducts and also said there is a very large cataract in the right eye the pressure from which is causing the narrowing.   Instead of laser surgery, therefore, I chose the option of cataract removal which in itself could effect better drainage.  However, this morning in a conversation with Mr Bates’ secretary, I also queried the left eye which, too, as you know, has had a cataract growing for quite some time – and ended up making another appointment for 28 May when surgery on that eye, too, will take place.  Well, better an empty house than a bad tenant ! I am very grateful for the expert treatment and very timely advice given and for the overall kindness shown to me.  Thank you again. Yours sincerely Hilda

Sidmouth "Service as it used to be"

A quick note to thank you all once again for your help this morning to reassure me about the visual problems that I have experienced over the last few days. It’s ‘service as it used to be’ and much appreciated by me (and my wife!) With best wishes Graham M (full name supplied)

M & M H

“It's been over 50 years since we've been going to Robert Frith Optometrists in Twickenham.  Now we probably live over 50 miles away, but still it's more than worthwhile making the journey!!  Friendly welcomes always help as does the cup of tea when we've been negotiating the M25! 
Professionalism is a great thing nowadays - also customer satisfaction - these are just two of the many attributes of the Twickenham branch which keeps us trekking round the motorway.  Maybe, when we're retired, we'll resort to walking boots (it'll probably be quicker anyway!)”


"I've been a client of Robert Friths Opticians in Twickenham for over 20 years and have found them to be an excellent independent practice. Their customer service is second to none, and I would certainly recommend them to friends and family. Over the years they have handled the changes to my prescription with ease. Recently I switched from gas permeable contact lenses to fortnightly disposables under their expert guidance, and was very impressed with their attention to making the transition as smooth as possible. My three children also attend the practice. Two of them wear glasses and again, the team at Robert Friths have always provided superb service and outstanding customer care."

Thank you Julliette for kind words about Simon & Yeovil

Dear Simon You very kindly gave up the majority of your lunch break on 16th August in order to check a problem with my eyes and referred me to YDH for further investigations. I promised to let you know the outcome of my appointment at the hospital and attached, for your information, is a copy of the letter I received last week. Thank you so much for giving up your time to see me. I cannot praise you highly enough for the attention and care given, and at such a busy time for you. I have previously had my eye checks and glasses from a bigger chain and now realise how impersonal their service was. Contrary to their adverts, I should not have gone there! All future appointments will now be made at Robert Frith opticians so I well see you again in the future. Kind regards Juliette

Well done Yuki

To: yeovil@frithsopticians.co.uk
Subject: Yukiko

My daughter, Kirsten, had her first eye test with Yukiko on 24th
April and I wanted to write and say how impressed I was! I've been coming to
Friths longer that I want to remember, so have always been impressed with
the care and friendliness of all the staff, but Kirsten loved playing the
"eye test game" and I just thought that Yukiko was particularly good with
her and set the test at a level she could understand and made it fun! 

Could you please pass my thanks to Yukiko and I will be telling all my
friends with children to come to you!! 

Kind regards

Castle Cary Go That Extra Mile

Dear Mr. McLaughlin, Thank you very much indeed for seeing my mother,  at such short notice on 8th November, 2016.  I could see that yours is a very busy practice and that it was not easy to fit in yet another patient, so I am very grateful for the time, care and attention you gave her that afternoon.  As you will have seen my mother is now very frail and effectively house-bound and is reliant on her children for much of her  care.  Unfortunately we all live a long distance away so that responding to sudden changes in her health can be difficult to manage in a timely fashion.  I am sorry that I had to add to your work load on 8th November and was impressed by your sensitive examination and the reassurance you gave her at its conclusion despite the pressure you must have been under at the time.   Thank you once again, Yours sincerely, A.S. name and address supplied

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